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Sheerazneen Malik

Hi, I'm Sheerazneen (Sheeraz)! My counselling service is based in Canberra and is easily accessible to anyone either in person or remotely, from the comfort of your home (online via phone and video conferencing). I am outcome focused and support my clients with practical guidance and effective strategies to address their concerns. I accomplish this by developing a deeper understanding of my client's circumstances and help them discover an achievable way forward that improves psychological wellbeing, relationships and family life. 

Drawing on a background of evidence-based psychological theories and therapeutic models, I create an individually tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each person. Whether you are seeking increased satisfaction and balanced life or dealing with something specific, I can assist you in improving your experiences and moving towards a positive way of living. I am also proficient in the Fijian-Hindi, Urdu and Hindi languages.

My treatment focus is to help individuals take control, heal, energize and become aware of their inner strengths. I achieve this by providing a neutral, safe space, listening to your concerns and customizing a treatment plan. My aim is to provide you with the highest possible quality of service so that you can grow from your struggles, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.


I completed my Graduate Diploma in Counselling, in 2000, from The Australian College of Applied Psychology, in Sydney, New South Wales. I have also successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, in 1999, from The Australian National University, in Canberra. I am a registered Counselor with the Australian Counselling Association. I have extensive experience and expertise in mental health concerns, including but not limited to:


Stress, Anxiety and Depression;

Child and Adolescent Counselling;


Family and Relationships;

Pre-marriage Counselling;

Marriage/Couples Counselling;

Work/Study related stress;

Career Counselling; 

Drug and Alcohol;

Grief and Loss;

Palliative Counselling;

Victim's of Crime Counselling;

Cross cultural Counselling;

Sex and Intimacy Counselling;

Domestic Violence Counselling;

General Counselling

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